Workouts and Eats Update

Too busy to blog again! Things may be calming down a bit in the next few weeks since school will be done and I won’t have any sub jobs.  I’ve been busy interviewing for teaching jobs next year and planning for the summer school classes I am teaching.  I’ve also been staying busy with being active in this summery weather! Lots of hiking and even some kayaking recently. I’ve also kept up with my favorite youtube workout channels:

XHit Daily:


Tone It Up:

Here are some meals from the past few weeks:


photo 5 (19)

fried egg, kale, sweet potato cubes/acorn squash cubes and mushrooms

photo 3 (24)

Chia Pudding with mango, berries, sliced almonds


photo 1 (25)

leftover brat, sauerkraut, relish, gluten free bread, a few chips and salsa, romaine/spinach/tomato/pepper/sprout/onion salad

photo 1 (27)

gluten free pasta with pesto, chicken, spinach, tomato and a side salad with lots of veggies and sunflower seeds

photo 3 (23)

lunch at urban olive and vine! amazing 🙂 urban fig and chicken sandwich on gf bread, some kettle chips, and veggie sticks.

photo 3 (27)

romaine, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes topped with chicken salad (cubed chicken, mayo, green apple, onion, grapes, and walnuts)

photo 4 (24)

subway chopped chicken salad: good go-to fast food choice


photo 1 (26)

fried plantains, roasted cauliflower and a tilapia taco with peppers, tomatoes, avocado on corn tortilla

photo 1 (28)

BLT on gf bread, brussel sprouts, sweet potato fries and corn: favorite summery meal!

photo 1 (29)

first meal on the patio! two corn tortillas with andouille chicken sausage, sauerkraut, peppers, onions, and avocado with a side of berries and melon and brussel sprouts

photo 2 (21)

puerto rican beef, mango, and the first stalks of asparagus from my dad’s huge asparagus garden! yumm

photo 2 (22)

roasted chicken and veggies with herb garlic rice and a side salad

photo 3 (22)

leftover spaghetti squash pizza bake and a big side salad

Here are some links to recipes from meals above:

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake:

Andouille Chicken Sausage Wraps:

Chia Pudding:




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Eats Lately

My original intent with this blog was to post at least three times a week but that has been impossible lately! I have been super busy with subbing, applying for jobs, and just daily life happenings! I have been dairy and gluten free since April 28th once again after my second round of elimination and reintroduction.  Life is much better without dairy and gluten and I plan on eating this way for a while to see what happens.

I’ve been able to fit in exercise daily even with being busy by doing it right when I get home from work.  I’ve been loving these videos:

Kickbox Cardio:

20 minute HIIT:

Reggae Dance:


Here are some of my favorite meals lately:

photo 5 (13)

scrambled egg with veggies, dairy free cheese in a green pepper, fried plantains (half with guacamole, half with nut butter), berries

photo 4 (11)

turkey sausage patties, apple egg scramble with nut butter, raisins, pecans

photo 2 (19)

fried egg, green olives, kale, grapefruit, and gluten free toast with peanut butter

photo 2 (20)

fried eggs with spaghetti squash veggie scramble

photo 3 (20)

spaghetti squash pizza bake with side salad

photo 1 (23)

sesame beef stir fry with cauliflower rice and some berries

photo 1 (22)

corn, green beans, homemade coleslaw, and leftover sloppy joes on a sweet potato (my new favorite way to eat a sloppy joe! so amazing)

photo 3 (21)

homemade sloppy joes with spinach, tomato, dairy free cheese, homemade potato salad, leftover stir fry veggies

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From This Day On…

Last week I began reintroducing dairy and gluten yet again after a 3 week cleanse from those foods. I really did not struggle with removing gluten and dairy and love all of the new foods I have found because of it.  I incorporate so many different veggies, meat, and spices/herbs in my meals now and I wouldn’t go back to the old way I used to eat even if I could.

Reintroducing dairy was interesting for sure! I found that I can tolerate hard cheeses just fine as long as they are grass fed-organic dairy products.  I tried yogurt, Greek yogurt, and Culver’s ice cream which were all big no-no’s for me: resulted in itchy lips, cramping, bathroom issues that don’t need to be discussed here, and drowsiness. The biggest thing I get questions about is how I know the reaction isn’t just because I’ve removed dairy for so long and then had it again.  My answer is that because of removing dairy and gluten, I allowed my gut to heal (look up leaky gut: gluten/dairy) and be healthy and reintroducing these foods destroy it again. Some dairy has less of an effect, such as cheese for me.  I will probably have cheese every once in a while if I want to.

Gluten was not as bad this time as it was in March when I did the Whole30.  This time I did not get brain fog/fatigue but did immediately get a burning feeling in my stomach after eating whole wheat pancakes.  The feeling went away within an hour.  After a lunch of a chicken salad with couscous, I had more tummy pain (not nauseous, just pain).  Dinner was a pita pizza (so good and definitely something I had missed) and I found that I felt fine but was still craving more food after eating dinner (which was very large and should have been filling) and later at night I fell into cravings and had a bowl of GF cereal. All night I had cramps and the next day, I was very gasy, crampy and craved sweets all day. Two days after I still had belly aches and munchies. Let’s just say gluten containing grains are no longer going to be a part of my life. I liked how I felt SO MUCH better without them for the past three weeks and do not like always having tummy pain, gas, and cravings.  Read the book “Wheat Belly” to find out more reasons to get rid of wheat and gluten from your life!

Here are some of my favorite breakfasts from the past month (includes a lot of gluten free grains which I also hope to not have as much)

photo 4 (16)

corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, olives, green peppers, organic colby cheese (cheese day: felt fine!), avocado

photo 4 (17)

sweet potato carrot cakes, kale, pear eggs with nut butter: YUM

photo 4 (11)

ground pork sausage patties, pear scrambled eggs

photo 3 (18)

fried egg, 1/2 gluten free bun with jam and nut butter, swiss chard, sweet potato, ham hash

photo 2 (12)

kale with raisins, fried egg, gluten free pancakes with jam and nut butter

photo 1 (20)

gluten free pancakes, nut butter, banana, cantaloupe, scrambled eggs with ham and dairy free cheese (tastes weird but now I know that I’m okay with regular cheese)

photo 1 (15)

veggie omelet with mashed sweet potatoes and nut butter

Lunches recently:

photo 3 (19)

romaine spinach with zucchini, yellow tomatoes, nectarines and grilled chicken with homemade poppy seed dressing, side of couscous (my wheat day: redo this salad without wheat)

Dinners recently:


photo 5 (9)

corn, coleslaw, russet potato fries, homemade bbq sloppy joes with zucchini, bell pepper on gluten free bun

photo 3 (17)

green beans, acorn squash and lemon parsley salmon

photo 5 (6)

my favorite meal: grilled turkey burger on portabello, corn, sweet potato fries, and fruit salad

photo 3 (14)

sweet potato, broccoli, brussel sprouts, salmon with mango salsa

photo 2 (17)

tuna cakes with dairy free cheese, sweet poato fries, brussel sprouts, swiss chard

photo 1 (17)

amazing dinner at Agave Restaurant: beef burger with mushrooms, onion, lettuce, tomato, gluten free bun, southwestern salad with raspberry viniagrette

photo 2 (14)

roasted veggies with chicken drumsticks, salad and homemade GF biscuits

photo 1 (14)

stuffed acorn squash with chicken sausage, cranberries, quinoa and brussel sprouts


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It’s Been A While…

I have been super busy and unable to find time to sit down and write a new post for almost a month now! What have I been up to? Well Matt, Sadie, and I moved to a town home at the end of March and have been busy unpacking and getting used to everything.  We live with another couple and their dog so things are definitely different than before but I like it! I also have been substitute teaching a lot and applying for teaching jobs for next school year.  So that explains my lack of time but hopefully now I will be able to blog at least twice a week with some good recipes, tips, and workout ideas.

For the past two and a half weeks I have been doing an elimination diet of dairy and gluten to see if these foods really are ones I should be avoiding.  After doing the Whole30, I found that reintroducing these two gave me a lot of problems such as brain fog, fatigue, headaches, belly aches/cramps, gas, acne, and lip rash.  Since eliminating these foods, I have had no acne problems, no fatigue/brain fog issues, and only two headaches.  However, I still get belly aches a lot because I find that I overeat or eat when I am not hungry.  Since ending the Whole30 and having the freedom to snack more, I find I snack too much and it is something I need to be more mindful about.  I also have developed a lip rash again but not swelling like I had after dairy.  I think it may be from a new lip gloss I tried but who knows. I will be reintroducing dairy and gluten this Tuesday to see how it makes me feel and make my final decision on whether or not I should be eating these foods.

It may seem that a gluten/dairy free diet would be hard to follow but I have been doing well with it. When I make pancakes for my roomies, I just make gluten dairy free ones for me. I have found all kinds of flours I can use instead and find that I like the pancakes a lot! I also spend more time planning my meals to make sure they have a variety of foods and are interesting so I don’t feel as restricted without having cheese, yogurt, gluten grains, etc. Here are some recipes that I have used lately and I highly recommend trying, even if you are not gluten/dairy free:

The Sweet Omelette:


Curried Egg Salad:

Strawberry Banana Chia Pudding:

Portabella Pizzas:


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Weekend Challenges

The weekend was full of positives and negatives and I’m sad to say that I think gluten and possibly dairy free might be a new lifestyle for me.  My weekend with family was great filled with lots of card games, organizing some stuff for moving, and just spending good quality time together. However, I felt pretty icky all weekend after eating every meal and am pretty sure that gluten (or wheat or another grain….not sure yet) and dairy are the cause. I will post my eats and then my notes on how I felt.

Friday Dinner: broccoli/cauliflower, sweet potato apple mash, corn, corn beef brisket

First time having corn and the sweet potatoes had marshmallows in it…..felt fine

photo 1 (13)


Saturday Breakfast: 2 eggs, broccoli, zucchini, fish, berries with almond butter

I felt pretty full but not sick.  Unfortunately when I went to town with my mom, we made a stop at the bakery and she got a dozen of my favorite doughnuts: fried cinnamon! I could not resist and had to have one. I felt guilty immediately but enjoyed every bite until about ten minutes later when my stomach started grumbling. The hours that followed were full of stomach pains and then my head got foggy feeling and I felt super tired.

photo 2 (11)

Lunch: chicken sausage stir fry with snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower and strawberries with pineapple (lots and lots!)

All afternoon felt out of it; did not want to do anything and felt groggy.

Dinner: small grilled turkey burger and 1/2 beef burger on portabella mushroom, salsa, guacamole, romaine, sweet potato fries with honey greek yogurt

I felt super full however it was delicious! The yogurt did not give me any problems right away but the next morning my lip rash was back!

photo 3 (11)


Sunday Breakfast: apple omelet, corn beef, yogurt, 1/2 c. coffee with creamer

I made omelets for everyone and they loved the apple egg combo. I couldn’t resist the yogurt even though I know that it for sure gives me swollen itchy lips. My sinuses started acting up within an hour and my throat felt super sore.

photo 4 (10)Lunch: grilled veggies: bell peppers, onion, zucchini, cauliflower and grilled chicken with avocado, roasted squash

This was one of the best meals I’ve cooked ever! I love grilled veggies 🙂 I felt good after this meal but too full because I overate squash and chicken! I also munched on a lot of fruit while cooking so I need to work on that.

photo 5 (5)


photo 1 (12)


I did not feel well all afternoon and did not want dinner but forced myself to have leftover turkey burger and veggies around 7. Even though I didn’t have a lot of grains or dairy, just the little that I had really made me feel bad. Also eating too much healthy food is still going to give me belly aches. My decision is to do a gluten and dairy elimination for 3 weeks starting in April to see if that helps and then reintroduce those foods again to see if they give me the same reactions.


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Ending the Whole30 Reintroduction Phase

Yesterday summary:

The day after non-gluten grains and I feel okay except I got no sleep last night due to the latte 😦 I can’t have caffeine too late in the day or it really ruins my night.  I also picked up a sore throat from the kids at school but other than that, I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. Since my throat was so sore, I started my day with a mango, banana, ginger, spinach smoothie and had breakfast an hour or so later.  The smoothie made me pretty full but I still knew I should have some protein and veggies so……

Breakfast: leftover egg bake and a leftover pumpkin gluten free pancake (not supposed to have any grains at all today but really wanted leftovers! plus non-gluten didn’t bother me too much so I told myself it was fine—however this did take me over the edge of fullness)

photo 1 (11)

Since I ate too much this morning, I did have a belly ache all morning and was not hungry again until late afternoon.  Matt and I were out and about again without a lunch plan and it was quite stressful. It’s hard to get a quick lunch without going somewhere spendy or sit-down (I was thinking a burger without a bun and some veggies or a good salad with chicken).  Since non-gluten grains had already snuck back into my day, I decided to give Erbert and Gerberts sandwich shop a try.  I’ve had it before but never the gluten free bread.

Lunch: Narmer: Turkey and Avocado with lettuce and tomato (no mayo or cheese). It was pretty good but a little dry and too much bread. I ripped a lot of it off and actually saved half to fix up at home. I added dijon mustard, more tomato, cucumber slices and a hard boiled egg. Now that’s a sandwich! I really didn’t need as much bread with all those other toppings that are way more nutritious anyways! I also added some carrots and strawberries as a side.

photo 2 (10)

photo 3 (9)

Dinner: crockpot pork with granny smith apples and sweet potato and a side of steamed brussel sprouts in olive oil

photo 4 (8)I’m happy to say that non-gluten grains did not ruin my day like whole grains did. I tested them for two days and the worst was just that too full feeling that I had after every meal (except dinner! I felt great after that!).  My stomach just felt bloated and I know it’s because I ate just as much as I did on the Whole30 but with added grains.

Today’s Summary:

Workouts: 40 minute total body workout and took Sadie on an hour walk (yesterday did a walk too!)

Breakfast: legume day! I started with a half grapefruit and then a bit later made fried plantains and mexican scrambled eggs: zucchini, bell pepper, onion, olives, tomato, spinach, egg, and black beans (immediately had stomach gurgling and had to go to the bathroom. extremely gasey and had lower abdominal pain. the stomachache lasted a few hours and then went away: going to try less beans at a time to see if it helps)

photo 5 (4)

Lunch: wasn’t super hungry so I left some of the salad to have a little later; had vegetable lentil soup from Trader Joe’s, a romaine/spinach salad with cucumber, radish, carrot, tomato, avocado, chicken and a homemade apple cider vinegar dressing with some blackberries and strawberries (the soup did not bother me at all! yay for lentils!)

photo (3)

I snacked on some dried edamame and that left me gasey; not choosing that as a snack option anymore, unless I’m really in the mood for it. I have noticed that since I’ve reintroduced these foods and sugar has snuck in a little bit, I have way more cravings and snacking urges. Even when I’m full or not long after a meal, I am looking in the fridge for something small to eat.  My hunger can’t be fully satisfied 😦 Looking at my results overall this week, the foods that I had the most issues with were whole grains (fatigue, stomach issues, foggy mind, chest pain/side pain), dairy (day after had swollen itchy lips and some cramping) and a little bit of legumes (depending on the type).  Non-gluten did not bother me except making me too full but that is because I am eating too much when I add those to my plate.  To fully know if grains and dairy need to be eliminated for good, I am planning on doing a two week cleanse again where I get rid of those and then add them back to see if the results are the same.

To end this long post, I am heading to my parents house for the weekend which will be my first time putting these Whole30 lessons to the test. I am a little nervous that I will fall into cravings or get sick from something but I am going to go with a positive mindset and have fun with it.  My parents seem interested in adding some of the healthy meals to their lives so I look forward to cooking this weekend. Wish me luck!

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Whole30 Reintroduce Non-Gluten Grains

So I thought dairy had no effect on me but I may have been wrong. Although I did not get any stomachaches, headaches, fatigue or anything the day that I had dairy or the day after, I did wake up with itchy, dry, swollen lips.  This has happened to me a few times in the past two years and the allergist could not figure out what was causing it.  Dairy was never considered or grains so I’m not sure which one it is from.  It could be grains because I snuck a little banana bread yesterday or it could be from the dairy since I did have a spoonful of icecream last night. That’s why one thing at a time is supposed to be reintroduced :/ I may have to try a week without each and see which one gives me these irritating lips!

Anyways, today was non-gluten grains. Pre-workout I had 2 small pieces of egg bake and then did a 20 minute back workout and a 30 minute yoga routine.

Breakfast: gluten free oat/coconut flour pumpkin pancakes with almond butter, maple syrup, banana slices and a berry coconut fruit salad (this made me super full and I wasn’t hungry again until two)

photo 1 (8)

Treat: Dunn Bros sugar free almond latte with whole milk, some cashews and macadamia nuts as a snack (spent a few hours filling out job applications)

Lunch:leftover turkey burger with guacamole, romaine, tomatoes, broccoli/leeks, gluten free tortilla chips and guacamole (was super full afterwards!)

photo 3 (6)

Dinner: mexican spiced mahi mahi fillet, romaine, tomatoes, black olives, green olives, bell pepper, quinoa with lime, cilantro, garlic, onion, mango, avocado and cinnamon plantains

photo 4 (7)

Overall, non-gluten grains did not affect me negatively other than the fact that I felt too full after every meal and did not eat as much vegetables because grains took up the room on my plate

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