Dealing with Unhealthy Foods

It’s okay to indulge every once in a while, but in moderation. I did not do that this weekend and my body is paying the consequences. Friday night Matt and I went out for dinner and I got a roast turkey dinner (weird craving for Thanksgiving food) that came with a butt load of mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. I ordered the smaller size but still ate just about all of it. Immediately I felt bad about it because I knew it wasn’t a healthy choice and then hours later suffered a bad belly ache. It hurt so bad I didn’t sleep well. Saturday, breakfast was on the road heading to my hometown and I managed to get a fresh apple, ginger and carrot juice and coffee from an organic cafe but then was tempted by a Caribou egg, cheese, and sausage sandwich. Let’s just say the rest of the weekend went downhill from there due to the cravings I experienced and not being able to cook my own food……my mom made more mashed potatoes with ham for lunch, chocolate peanut butter malts later on, and Sunday homemade pizza and oatmeal chocolate cookies. I definitely do not like how eating foods like these make me feel and it is not worth the moment of comfort and joy that I get from a bite.  Once I start, it is harder for me to avoid these foods and I feel like I’m letting myself down by even putting them in my body! 

The way I dealt with these unhealthy choices I faced was not healthy for my mind either. The negative, guilty feelings I get and the fact that I get so upset with myself is not good. I am learning how to work through times like this when I am either out for dinner at a restaurant or staying at someones house and am tempted by foods I don’t normally eat. I’m working on my emotional attachment to food as well and making choices to eat based on hunger and not on cravings or comfort. My blog is called nourishedlifestyle for a reason: I want to eat food that nourishes my body and gives me what I need to be healthy but also be not get so worked up about it and make sure I am enjoying life around me. I am really hard on myself and need to focus on positive thoughts and working through cravings by doing an activity I enjoy like playing cards with my family, walking with Sadie, reading, watching a good movie, or dancing to some fun tunes. 

This weekend really helped me realize why I wanted to start this blog in the first place and why I make the choices I do.  It also has gotten me even more excited about possible starting the Whole30 cleanse; I am starting the book tonight to see what it is all about and will have a post soon about what I learn.

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