Whole 30 Day 12

Yesterday was my last full day of Whole30 without reintroducing any of the restricted foods.  I decided to end early because it was getting too expensive and I am moving in a few weeks which would be a difficult time to be finishing the Whole30.  I will definitely continue eating a lot of the foods I have been having the past few weeks! Even though I only did the program half way, I noticed my skin was much clearer and the dryness went away, my stomach was flatter (less bloat) and felt happy, less headaches and no migraines, no cravings for sugar or snacks, and a better relationship with food in general. I learned that smoothies give me stomachaches and I would rather eat fruit whole. I learned that squash is super good roasted (acorn especially) and steamed brussel sprouts are my favorite. I learned that plantains with almond butter satisfy my sweet tooth (which I didn’t really get the past two weeks) and nuts make the perfect afternoon snack.  I also learned that eggs can be made tons of different ways and I never got sick of them for breakfast!

Here is what I ate Friday:

Breakfast: Fajita Omelet (sauteed mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, olives, and spinach in pan with coconut oil and filled an omelet with it) topped with salsa and avocado, side of fried plantains with almond butter (MY FAV!)

photo 4 (8)

Lunch: no picture–leftover Puerto Rican Beef on sweet potato with avocado and some raspberries! delicious

Dinner: I chopped up some carrots, parsnips, golden beets, and brussel sprouts and drizzled with olive oil, oregano, and salt/pepper.  They roasted at 425 for 40 minutes (they got pretty dark! maybe cook less and check often).  I had to stir them around after 20 minutes.

photo 2 (12)

Roasted veggies with chicken sausage and some grape tomatoes

photo 3 (11)

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