Whole 30 Reintroduce Dairy

The next reintroduction step is dairy! I was a little worried that my body would react the same way it did to grains but it turned out that I felt just fine! Here’s what I ate:


Breakfast: leftover corn beef, sauerkraut, steamed kale, 2 fried eggs with feta

photo 1 (15)

Lunch: romaine salad with tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, tuna, avocado, and feta with a banana, coconut, cashew mix on the side

Afternoon Snack: apple with almond butter (felt super hungry when I got home, probably from avoiding all the St. Patrick’s day treats–did fall into a small piece of chocolate mint brownie and was surprised that I felt fine afterwards!)

photo 2 (15)

Workout: walked Sadie 45 minutes, did a butt, arm, and ab workout (45 minutes total)

Dinner: sauteed zucchini, sweet potato fries with greek yogurt honey cinnamon dipping sauce, grilled portabella mushroom with mexican turkey burger on top and some romaine, tomato, feta, and guacamole (one of my favorite dinners! so amazing!)

photo 3 (14)

Treat: chocolate mint ice cream (organic!)

Overall, dairy day was great. I had no issues with it and felt wonderful all day, other than intense sugar cravings that I did not always avoid.  I did not miss dairy that much during the past few weeks but will keep an open mind to it since my body responded just fine.  I have noticed that since sugar has crept its way back into some of my foods, I have more sugar cravings, especially in the afternoon or late at night.


Pre-workout: banana, berry, coconut, almond butter mix

Workout: 20 minute HIIT workout and some foam roller stretching

Breakfast: leftover salmon, steamed kale, pear egg scramble (chopped up a pear and sauteed in coconut oil with cinnamon, added 2 whisked eggs with coconut milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg and scrambled; added raisins and pecans at the end)

photo 4 (10)

Lunch: no photos, we were doing some furniture painting at Matt’s aunts house so we had salad with delicious turkey breast and a baked potato. potatoes are not Whole30 approved and they did give me a belly ache immediately after eating 😦 today is supposed to be a Whole30 day to see if dairy affected me the day after reintroducing it, but since dairy was fine, I had some cheese on my salad. I also snuck a bite of banana bread which is grain and sugar and not supposed to be eaten on a Whole30 day but I fell into cravings 😦 I have found it is much harder to stay away from these foods when I am not officially on the Whole30 anymore.

Dinner: leftover acorn squash, asparagus, broccoli and leeks, baked lemon oregano chicken tenders with dijon mustard

photo 5 (5)

Also had a banana in the afternoon and a spoonful of ice cream later at night.  See what I mean! Sugar really is addicting.

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