It’s Been A While…

I have been super busy and unable to find time to sit down and write a new post for almost a month now! What have I been up to? Well Matt, Sadie, and I moved to a town home at the end of March and have been busy unpacking and getting used to everything.  We live with another couple and their dog so things are definitely different than before but I like it! I also have been substitute teaching a lot and applying for teaching jobs for next school year.  So that explains my lack of time but hopefully now I will be able to blog at least twice a week with some good recipes, tips, and workout ideas.

For the past two and a half weeks I have been doing an elimination diet of dairy and gluten to see if these foods really are ones I should be avoiding.  After doing the Whole30, I found that reintroducing these two gave me a lot of problems such as brain fog, fatigue, headaches, belly aches/cramps, gas, acne, and lip rash.  Since eliminating these foods, I have had no acne problems, no fatigue/brain fog issues, and only two headaches.  However, I still get belly aches a lot because I find that I overeat or eat when I am not hungry.  Since ending the Whole30 and having the freedom to snack more, I find I snack too much and it is something I need to be more mindful about.  I also have developed a lip rash again but not swelling like I had after dairy.  I think it may be from a new lip gloss I tried but who knows. I will be reintroducing dairy and gluten this Tuesday to see how it makes me feel and make my final decision on whether or not I should be eating these foods.

It may seem that a gluten/dairy free diet would be hard to follow but I have been doing well with it. When I make pancakes for my roomies, I just make gluten dairy free ones for me. I have found all kinds of flours I can use instead and find that I like the pancakes a lot! I also spend more time planning my meals to make sure they have a variety of foods and are interesting so I don’t feel as restricted without having cheese, yogurt, gluten grains, etc. Here are some recipes that I have used lately and I highly recommend trying, even if you are not gluten/dairy free:

The Sweet Omelette:


Curried Egg Salad:

Strawberry Banana Chia Pudding:

Portabella Pizzas:


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