From This Day On…

Last week I began reintroducing dairy and gluten yet again after a 3 week cleanse from those foods. I really did not struggle with removing gluten and dairy and love all of the new foods I have found because of it.  I incorporate so many different veggies, meat, and spices/herbs in my meals now and I wouldn’t go back to the old way I used to eat even if I could.

Reintroducing dairy was interesting for sure! I found that I can tolerate hard cheeses just fine as long as they are grass fed-organic dairy products.  I tried yogurt, Greek yogurt, and Culver’s ice cream which were all big no-no’s for me: resulted in itchy lips, cramping, bathroom issues that don’t need to be discussed here, and drowsiness. The biggest thing I get questions about is how I know the reaction isn’t just because I’ve removed dairy for so long and then had it again.  My answer is that because of removing dairy and gluten, I allowed my gut to heal (look up leaky gut: gluten/dairy) and be healthy and reintroducing these foods destroy it again. Some dairy has less of an effect, such as cheese for me.  I will probably have cheese every once in a while if I want to.

Gluten was not as bad this time as it was in March when I did the Whole30.  This time I did not get brain fog/fatigue but did immediately get a burning feeling in my stomach after eating whole wheat pancakes.  The feeling went away within an hour.  After a lunch of a chicken salad with couscous, I had more tummy pain (not nauseous, just pain).  Dinner was a pita pizza (so good and definitely something I had missed) and I found that I felt fine but was still craving more food after eating dinner (which was very large and should have been filling) and later at night I fell into cravings and had a bowl of GF cereal. All night I had cramps and the next day, I was very gasy, crampy and craved sweets all day. Two days after I still had belly aches and munchies. Let’s just say gluten containing grains are no longer going to be a part of my life. I liked how I felt SO MUCH better without them for the past three weeks and do not like always having tummy pain, gas, and cravings.  Read the book “Wheat Belly” to find out more reasons to get rid of wheat and gluten from your life!

Here are some of my favorite breakfasts from the past month (includes a lot of gluten free grains which I also hope to not have as much)

photo 4 (16)

corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, olives, green peppers, organic colby cheese (cheese day: felt fine!), avocado

photo 4 (17)

sweet potato carrot cakes, kale, pear eggs with nut butter: YUM

photo 4 (11)

ground pork sausage patties, pear scrambled eggs

photo 3 (18)

fried egg, 1/2 gluten free bun with jam and nut butter, swiss chard, sweet potato, ham hash

photo 2 (12)

kale with raisins, fried egg, gluten free pancakes with jam and nut butter

photo 1 (20)

gluten free pancakes, nut butter, banana, cantaloupe, scrambled eggs with ham and dairy free cheese (tastes weird but now I know that I’m okay with regular cheese)

photo 1 (15)

veggie omelet with mashed sweet potatoes and nut butter

Lunches recently:

photo 3 (19)

romaine spinach with zucchini, yellow tomatoes, nectarines and grilled chicken with homemade poppy seed dressing, side of couscous (my wheat day: redo this salad without wheat)

Dinners recently:


photo 5 (9)

corn, coleslaw, russet potato fries, homemade bbq sloppy joes with zucchini, bell pepper on gluten free bun

photo 3 (17)

green beans, acorn squash and lemon parsley salmon

photo 5 (6)

my favorite meal: grilled turkey burger on portabello, corn, sweet potato fries, and fruit salad

photo 3 (14)

sweet potato, broccoli, brussel sprouts, salmon with mango salsa

photo 2 (17)

tuna cakes with dairy free cheese, sweet poato fries, brussel sprouts, swiss chard

photo 1 (17)

amazing dinner at Agave Restaurant: beef burger with mushrooms, onion, lettuce, tomato, gluten free bun, southwestern salad with raspberry viniagrette

photo 2 (14)

roasted veggies with chicken drumsticks, salad and homemade GF biscuits

photo 1 (14)

stuffed acorn squash with chicken sausage, cranberries, quinoa and brussel sprouts


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