About the Blog

nourishedlifestyle is a blog all about nourishing mind, body, and soul with healthy eating, exercise, and finding ways to enjoy the small things in life! It is a place to post healthy recipes, meal plan ideas, and fun workouts. This blog also follows my daily life with my boyfriend Matt and our boxer/border collie mix puppy Sadie as well as the start of my elementary education teaching career.

farm market

farmer’s market haul



hiking in Colorado

photo 1 (5)

chicken sausage, sweet potato with craisins and apple, veggies! typical dinner

About the Blogger

My name is Brittany Bell, a 22 year old elementary education major with a Language Arts minor, with a passion for healthy living.

I never was very healthy my whole life up until sophmore year of college when I decided enough was enough. I was eating mostly processed food from the dining hall and definitely did not know what a serving size of anything was. I rarely exercised and had begun drinking occassionally which led to late night feasts of pizza and sub sandwiches. By the end of freshman year, I weighed 160 which was a lot on my 5’3” frame.  Moving out of the dorms and into my own apartment helped me make this change. I began cooking my own meals and made time for exercise. In about 6 months, I weighed in at 120! Since then, I continued eating healthier, working out daily, and learning more about food and living a stress free life.


at 160 pounds, summer after freshmen year of college



healthier happier me! 40 pounds lighter and feeling strong 🙂



Random Facts About Me:

I spend a few hours a week planning my meals and making grocery lists; it’s become an obsession.

I Iove farmer’s markets, health food stores, and gardens. Trader Joe’s is my favorite store ever.

My favorite sweet treat is icecream!


My favorite workouts are Buti, Tae-Bo, yoga, pilates, Zumba, running, going for walks with Sadie, and any videos from Popsugar, Tone It up, or XHIT. I workout at least five times a week!

My love for baking makes healthy eating difficult sometimes and I like to experiment with my favorite recipes and make healthier versions.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day: oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, I love it all!

My current job is substitute teaching for elementary schools in the area–my favorite grades are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

I end my day with a lavender salt bath and a good book! Great way to rewind before bed.


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