Whole 30 Reintroduce Dairy

The next reintroduction step is dairy! I was a little worried that my body would react the same way it did to grains but it turned out that I felt just fine! Here’s what I ate:


Breakfast: leftover corn beef, sauerkraut, steamed kale, 2 fried eggs with feta

photo 1 (15)

Lunch: romaine salad with tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, tuna, avocado, and feta with a banana, coconut, cashew mix on the side

Afternoon Snack: apple with almond butter (felt super hungry when I got home, probably from avoiding all the St. Patrick’s day treats–did fall into a small piece of chocolate mint brownie and was surprised that I felt fine afterwards!)

photo 2 (15)

Workout: walked Sadie 45 minutes, did a butt, arm, and ab workout (45 minutes total)

Dinner: sauteed zucchini, sweet potato fries with greek yogurt honey cinnamon dipping sauce, grilled portabella mushroom with mexican turkey burger on top and some romaine, tomato, feta, and guacamole (one of my favorite dinners! so amazing!)

photo 3 (14)

Treat: chocolate mint ice cream (organic!)

Overall, dairy day was great. I had no issues with it and felt wonderful all day, other than intense sugar cravings that I did not always avoid.  I did not miss dairy that much during the past few weeks but will keep an open mind to it since my body responded just fine.  I have noticed that since sugar has crept its way back into some of my foods, I have more sugar cravings, especially in the afternoon or late at night.


Pre-workout: banana, berry, coconut, almond butter mix

Workout: 20 minute HIIT workout and some foam roller stretching

Breakfast: leftover salmon, steamed kale, pear egg scramble (chopped up a pear and sauteed in coconut oil with cinnamon, added 2 whisked eggs with coconut milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg and scrambled; added raisins and pecans at the end)

photo 4 (10)

Lunch: no photos, we were doing some furniture painting at Matt’s aunts house so we had salad with delicious turkey breast and a baked potato. potatoes are not Whole30 approved and they did give me a belly ache immediately after eating 😦 today is supposed to be a Whole30 day to see if dairy affected me the day after reintroducing it, but since dairy was fine, I had some cheese on my salad. I also snuck a bite of banana bread which is grain and sugar and not supposed to be eaten on a Whole30 day but I fell into cravings 😦 I have found it is much harder to stay away from these foods when I am not officially on the Whole30 anymore.

Dinner: leftover acorn squash, asparagus, broccoli and leeks, baked lemon oregano chicken tenders with dijon mustard

photo 5 (5)

Also had a banana in the afternoon and a spoonful of ice cream later at night.  See what I mean! Sugar really is addicting.

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Whole 30 Reintroduce Grains

The first day of the reintroduction process began yesterday and I was a little nervous. I didn’t think that dairy, grains, or legumes would really have that much of a negative affect on my body but I was worried that once I tried them again, after cleansing my body of them for 14 days, they would give me problems.  Here’s what I ate (grain day!) and how it affected me:

Breakfast: steel cut oats with almond butter, banana, cinnamon, sliced pecans, and coconut milk

photo 1 (14)Outcome: ate this at 8:30 and did not feel as satisfied eating this for breakfast instead of my usual eggs and veggie combos. I actually was hungry again at 10:30 which lately I haven’t been hungry since 12:00.  About 15 minutes after eating this, my stomach made rumbly noises and I had to go to the bathroom 😦 chest pain and tummy pain!

Lunch: chicken sausage, peas, harvest grain blend and roasted root veggies (brussel sprouts, beets, carrots, parsnips and pearl onions)

photo 2 (14)

Outcome: late lunch because I was running errands so I was starving by the time I had this and probably ate too fast. I also felt hungry still because I ate so quickly so I had a small piece of rye bread with avocado too. Within an hour, stomach pains were back and my head felt foggy.  I could barely keep my eyes open and had no energy so ended up laying down on the couch and falling asleep for an hour! I rarely take naps, even when I am sick, so this was very unusual!

Dinner: one of the best I’ve ever had! corned beef in the crockpot all day with sauerkraut and homemade thousand island dressing on rye bread with asparagus and sweet potato fries!

photo 3 (13)

Outcome: sugar snuck in on this meal too (corn beef, rye and ketchup) however the rye did not affect me the way the oatmeal and the harvest grains did.  I didn’t feel too tired or icky until later when Matt and I had a wheat beer with some friends.  The beer made me extremely tired 😦

Overall–may have a gluten sensitivity. I had stomach pains 80% of the day (bloating, gas, cramps).  No headache, just foggy head and fatigue. I might want to try taking gluten out for a week and reintroduce it again to see if it affects me the same way.  If so, no gluten or very limited amounts


So today it was back to the Whole30 to see the complete affect grains have on me.  Overall, I felt better today and had most of my energy back.  I did get extremely bad cramps and stomach pains around 6 PM that lasted the rest of the night.  It may be from the salad dressing I had with safflower oil and the sunflower seeds :/ not sure though

Breakfast: made an egg bake! Matt and I ate a whole row of it! All I did was brown a pound of ground pork and put it on the bottom of a 9×13. Then I sauteed some bell peppers, zucchini, onion, and tomatoes in ghee and put it on the pork. Then I used a hand mixer to beat 10 eggs with salt, pepper, parsley, and basil and poured it on top. Baked at 350 for around 30 minutes.

photo 1 (13)

Lunch: had a carrot cake Larabar at around 1:00 PM since I was out running errands and made this salad at 2:00: romaine, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, carrots, chicken sausage, lemon and chive dressing, sunflower seeds and a pear a bit after

photo 3 (12)

Dinner: peas, broccoli sprinkled with nutritional yeast (gives a cheesy flavor and is really good for you), roasted acorn squash, and lemon dill salmon (ate 3/4 of salmon and saved some for breakfast)

photo 4 (9)

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Whole 30 Day 12

Yesterday was my last full day of Whole30 without reintroducing any of the restricted foods.  I decided to end early because it was getting too expensive and I am moving in a few weeks which would be a difficult time to be finishing the Whole30.  I will definitely continue eating a lot of the foods I have been having the past few weeks! Even though I only did the program half way, I noticed my skin was much clearer and the dryness went away, my stomach was flatter (less bloat) and felt happy, less headaches and no migraines, no cravings for sugar or snacks, and a better relationship with food in general. I learned that smoothies give me stomachaches and I would rather eat fruit whole. I learned that squash is super good roasted (acorn especially) and steamed brussel sprouts are my favorite. I learned that plantains with almond butter satisfy my sweet tooth (which I didn’t really get the past two weeks) and nuts make the perfect afternoon snack.  I also learned that eggs can be made tons of different ways and I never got sick of them for breakfast!

Here is what I ate Friday:

Breakfast: Fajita Omelet (sauteed mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, olives, and spinach in pan with coconut oil and filled an omelet with it) topped with salsa and avocado, side of fried plantains with almond butter (MY FAV!)

photo 4 (8)

Lunch: no picture–leftover Puerto Rican Beef on sweet potato with avocado and some raspberries! delicious

Dinner: I chopped up some carrots, parsnips, golden beets, and brussel sprouts and drizzled with olive oil, oregano, and salt/pepper.  They roasted at 425 for 40 minutes (they got pretty dark! maybe cook less and check often).  I had to stir them around after 20 minutes.

photo 2 (12)

Roasted veggies with chicken sausage and some grape tomatoes

photo 3 (11)

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Whole30 Days 10 and 11

I’ve been busy getting ideas for the new place I will be moving into in April! I can’t wait to move in and start decorating and making it home! This week seems to be easier with planning meals and cooking.  I’m finally getting the hang of everything and really think I could make it the entire 30 days except it really costs too much 😦 I’m going through fruits and vegetables like crazy and money! Here are my eats for days 10 and 11.

Tuesday Pre-Workout Meal: banana, raspberries, blackberries, cashews, pecans, some almond butter and coconut milk

photo 4 (7)

this was actually my pre-workout meal

Breakfast: Leftover chicken stir fry topped with an egg and a side of kobucha squash! Super tasty 🙂

photo 3 (9)

Lunch: romaine and arugula topped with tomato, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, and 2 hard boiled eggs mashed with homemade mayo

photo 2 (10)

Dinner: possibly my favorite meal I’ve made yet! Puerto Rican Beef served on mashed sweet potato with a side of berries

Puerto Rican Beef Recipe: http://everydaypaleo.com/puerto-rican-beef/

photo 1 (11)

Wednesday Breakfast: 2 sweet potato/carrot cakes, 2 turkey sausage patties, 2 fried eggs and some sauteed kale with bell peppers and tomato (I was too full from this; next time one egg if I have meat with breakfast)

photo 1 (12)

Lunch: leftover pork roast with brussel sprouts and an apple

Dinner: asparagus, brussel sprouts and zucchini, lemon oregano salmon with tomato slices, and mashed garlic cauliflower (loved all the flavors)

Cauliflower recipe: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/1657598867/best-make-ahead-side-garlic-cauliflower-mashed

photo 2 (11)

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Whole30 Days 8 and 9

I will start with descriptions of my meals and then have some reflections to share on my first completed week!


Sunday: repeat apple eggs (this time with added applesauce), kale, and homemade turkey sausage patties! super good

photo 1 (8)

blurry 😦

Monday: 1/2 grapefruit, asparagus and an amazing breakfast “sandwich” (I put a fried egg and a ground turkey sausage patty between two carrot/sweet potato cakes)

Recipe: http://www.multiplydelicious.com/thefood/2012/09/sweet-potato-carrot-cakes/

photo 1 (7)Lunches

Sunday: green beans, roasted kabocha squash, and pan fried mahi mahi topped with tomato, cilantro and avocado mayo served on romaine lettuce

photo 2 (7)

Monday: no picture! another day subbing and I forgot to take one! I had leftover coconut chicken tenders on a big salad with arugula, romaine, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives and avocado mayo dressing with an apple


Sunday: chicken stir fry (zucchini, carrot, bell peppers, mushrooms, onion) served on cauliflower rice (super tasty!)

Recipe: Pulse small head of cauliflower (broken into florets) in a food processor until cauliflower is size of rice. Chop some onion and garlic and saute in skillet with a tablespoon of coconut oil until tender.  Add cauliflower rice and cook with lid on for 5-7 minutes. I gave it a stir a few times.

photo 3 (6)

Monday: green beans yet again (need to start switching it up!) with crockpot pork with sauerkraut, carrots, onion, and turnips

photo 3 (5)

For workouts, yesterday I did hip hop tabata: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf0nEpG8tno&list=FLindJlBZpCU2hWy88WLfwtw&index=19

Today I did a HIIT workout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGDjXDMA0Nk&list=FLindJlBZpCU2hWy88WLfwtw&index=20

I also took Sadie on a 45 minute walk in the beautiful 50 degree weather today and Matt and I took her on an hour walk yesterday by the river! Loving this warmer weather and Sadie is too!

photo 2 (6)

Now onto my reflections for week 1.  First of all, I am not missing dairy, sugar, grains, or legumes at all! I am kind of surprised that I can say that because I really thought I would miss bread, oatmeal, hummus, black beans, and yogurt.  I haven’t craved any sugar since I decided that I wasn’t going to eat any and I have less stomach issues.  I always used to feel bloated and icky after eating breakfast or snacks.  I also used to always be hungry! Even ten minutes after breakfast I would already be hungry for something else.  After a week on the Whole30, I have been full after each meal and felt satisfied! It’s due to having protein (eggs and/or some kind of meat) with lots of veggies and fats (coconut oil, olives, avocado, etc.).  I love how these breakfasts make me feel in the morning! I don’t have as many negative emotions towards food and never have that guilty feeling that used to follow almost every meal I ate previously.

However, here is the negatives of this week.  We have spent $280 on groceries! That’s our monthly budget spent in one week! I had to buy a lot of spendy items at the beginning that should last the whole month (oils, almond butter, meat, nuts) but have had to make numerous trips to the store because we were out of veggies, fruit, or eggs. Also, it is a very time consuming way of eating! I already used to meal plan and cook a lot but this involves so much more. I plan out meals for the week so there isn’t a time where we have no idea what to do and end up caving in for a pb&J.  I have to make sure that I have some kind of leftovers for the next days lunch and I need to cook some of the more time consuming meals on the weekend or whenever I have time during the week.  Lastly, it is stressful to be so restricted. There were multiple times that Matt and I had to turn down dinner or lunch plans with others because we did not want to deal with having to figure out what to eat at a restaurant. When we were out and about running errands this weekend we weren’t at home during lunch time and had to wait until later in the afternoon to eat lunch–by that time I was starving and crabby and had to go home and spend time cooking a Whole30 approved meal.  The food was worth the wait and I loved every meal, but the negatives are making me rethink this.

Matt and I decided to finish the week off on the Whole30 and then spend the following days reintroducing dairy, grains, and legumes back into our diet.  By the end of the week, we will have made it half way and I am proud of that. If I had more money and time, I would continue this without a doubt. However, Matt is a college student and I am a substitute teacher and we are about to move to a more expensive town home April 1st and this might not work for the whole 30 days. I hate having to quit but I think it is the smartest choice.  I would love to try the entire 30 days sometime this summer when farmer’s market produce is available! I will be continuing to eat meals like the ones I have been having but will be able to stretch out our eggs and meat (most expensive items) a little more by having grains, legumes, and dairy back in the mix.

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Whole30 Days 5-7

It is difficult to find time to post every day but I have been continuing on my Whole30 journey and am really enjoying the food and how I feel! On Friday I felt pretty sick though because of some overcooked broccoli or maybe the smoothie.  I had a bad belly ache all day! Other than that, I still am feeling satisfied after every meal and have no urge to snack or eat more than necessary. I have run across a few problems, like when I am out and about and not close to home to grab lunch or dinner and am faced with hunger.  Today Matt and I split a Larabar when we were out shopping and had a late lunch.

I plan on posting more recipes for the foods I’ve been making so if you are interested in a certain one, please leave a comment!

Breakfasts: forgot to take a picture of another fajita omelet that I had this morning but here are Thursday and Fridays breakfasts!

Apple Egg Scramble: Melt some coconut oil in a pan. Thinly slice an apple and toss with cinnamon; cool in coconut oil. In another bowl, whisk 1 egg, 2 Tbsp coconut milk, 1 tsp cinnamon. Pour over apples in pan and let cook. Can attempt to make this an omelet but mine broke so I just made it a scramble. Top with almond butter.

photo 1 (21)

kale, mild italian chicken sausage, apple egg scramble

photo 2 (21)

smoothie with banana, spinach, coconut milk, water, strawberries and mango.
two egg scramble with kale, tomatoes, zucchini, avocado

photo 1 (19)

Pre-Workout Meal: 1/2 banana, almonds, pecans, blueberries, nut butter and coconut milk

Lunches: too busy subbing to take pictures of my lunch Thursday which was leftover stir fry and sweet potato with some blueberries

photo 3 (21)

leftover salmon topped with avocado mayo, steamed broccoli and cinnamon carrots

photo 1 (20)

amazing! coconut chicken tenders on a salad with tomato, pepper, onion, avocado and a side of roasted plantains with cinnamon and almond butter


photo 2 (23)

spinach romaine salad with black and green olives, sprouts, bell peppers topped with avocado mayo and a side of roasted plantains. baked lemon parsley salmon

photo 5 (11)

spaghetti squash with homemade pasta sauce (tomato sauce, oregano, parsley, zucchini, green pepper, onion, and garlic) and mild italian chicken sausage with a side of green beans

photo 2 (22)

leftover spaghetti squash with side of asparagus and a smoothie with coconut milk, almond butter, banana, and dates


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Whole30 Days 3 and 4

Another busy week subbing! I managed to get a job every day this week which is awesome! And another day following the Whole30! I haven’t had any of the typical detox systems other than a bad headache yesterday (most likely from spending two days subbing sick 4 year olds). I can’t believe how much sugar I have had to avoid working in an elementary school. I turned down birthday cake, animal crackers, and a doughnut that was left on my desk today. I really am enjoying eating more protein at breakfast and having a variety of vegetables! However, I would like to try not having coffee every morning (even though it is acceptable with some coconut milk) to see if that helps with my afternoon headaches.

I didn’t workout Tuesday; it’s important to rest every once in a while!

However today I did an intense weight circuit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL3kcQlfqo&list=FLindJlBZpCU2hWy88WLfwtw&index=3

Here are my eats from yesterday:

Breakfast: butternut squash, ground beef skillet topped with two fried eggs, avocado, steamed kale and 1/2 a grapefruit

photo 1 (18)

Lunch: turkey burger topped with guacamole and sprouts, side of asparagus and broccoli, fruit salad of kiwi, strawberries and clementines

photo 2 (20)

Dinner: lemon parsley cod topped with dill mayo, acorn squash, brussel sprouts/leeks

photo 4 (17)

My eats from today:

Breakfast: shredded chicken, acorn squash, brussel sprout/leek skillet topped with fried egg, avocado and tomatoes

photo 1 (17)

Lunch: Didn’t get a picture! I had a salad with arugula, romaine, carrots, sprouts, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, guacamole, and homemade salad dressing, handful of grapes, some macadamia nuts

Dinner: steak stir fry with bell peppers, carrots, snap peas, and onion with a side of baked sweet potato and some blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, and clementines topped with shredded coconut (post workout/dinner combined) I couldn’t finish all the stir fry and ended up putting some back!

photo 2 (19)

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